Postcard from the estuary

Morning light
on see through water

a red bucket
and a black stingray

cruise by
on incoming tide

black ray
and a death sting
as big as a breadknife –

trying not to get
too close to that shy and volatile
as wide as the wings
of a sea osprey;

out quickly
onto hard beach

watching soldier crabs
make tiny drumbeats
on pockmarked sand

along the light green
river a black ray is flying
like a stealth bomber’s
shadow –

a bit of research
in a local library

found that some members
of the stingray family

have cartiginous skeletons
(soft and pliable) and
vestigial tails –

they feed on shellfish
& worms & smaller fish

and when they swim
undulations pass down
the length of the ray

from front to back
as if they are moving
like birds –

walking past where
they drink lattes at the café
on the pier

wish you were here.

Robert Drummond


One comment on “Postcard from the estuary

  1. Gunnu PS says:

    beautiful imagery!

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